Brief Contents of Video

Place of World Wars I and II in history

Position of Europe on world map

Geography of Europe in 1910

British, French, and German colonial empires

Two alliances in Europe: the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance

The German Master Plan to defeat her enemies

1914: Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand begins World War I

1914: Invasion of Belgium stopped at Marne River; Russia invades in east

1914-18: Historic footage illustrates mechanization of war

1914-15: Ottoman Empire and Italy choose sides

1917: Entrance of America

1917: Russian revolutions and Russian exit from the war

1918: Germany held in west; American troops join in final push

1918: Ottoman Empire surrenders and Austria-Hungary collapses

1918: Germany surrenders and armistice declared

1919: Communist revolutions in central Europe

1919: Woodrow Wilson goes to Europe for peace conference

1919: Geographic results of Versailles peace treaty

1919: Rise of fascism anticipated