Overview of World War I Animated Atlas: Overview of World War I. This video provides an introduction and review for the study of World War I. Animated maps illustrate the European and world situation before, during, and after the war. Historical footage and photographs complete the presentation. By combining geography with history the larger events and strategies can be understood and remembered. The key aspect covered by computer animation is the German master plan, the immediated cause of this catastrophic event. This strategic plan explains why Belgium was invaded and why the war took the form it did. European and world geography are learned automatically and naturally as a backdrop for this dramatic story, thus providing the context for European Imperialism, the Russian Revolution, the rise of fascism, and the entrance of America on the world stage. By placing the events in perspective, the role of America can be seen in its true proportions. Copyright 2001.
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Animated Atlas: Overview of World War I
live and animated 28 minutes grades 7 - college Teacher's Guide
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