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   Download Plug-in. The movies require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in which plays Flash movies. If you don't have it, or if the image of the movie "Growth of a Nation" comes up but the play button and the timeline pointer never work, download Adobe Flash Player.

   Browser problems:
     Internet Explorer 8 and 9:
There are problems with the 64 bit editions. See Microsoft recommendations at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/help/adobe-flash-not-working.

   Loading. When the movie "Growth of a Nation" initially loads, the first frame with the introduction appears, along with a "Database loading..." flag. When the flag disappears the movie can be started. The rest of the movie continues to stream in. If the movie jerks, click PAUSE and wait for streaming to get well ahead of play. Once the movie is completely loaded, it is held in a cache in the browser, and it will come up quickly when invoked a second time in the same session.
    Click Back in the browser button bar or the HOME button in the upper left corner of the movie to go back to the home page.
   Controls. The controls are at the top. The movie can be PAUSED at any time and explored interactively. Click PLAY to continue from the beginning of the current event. Click REWIND to return to the first frame with the introduction.
    When PLAY is initially clicked from the first introduction, a window with Play Mode choices appears. Click the top PLAY button to play the entire 10 minute film without interruption. Click one of the lower PLAY buttons to divide the movie into three parts and view them separately. At the end of a part, a window comes up announcing the next part; click the PLAY button on it to continue. (You cannot go to Parts II or III until the movie has completely streamed in.)
   Geographic Elements. Rivers, lakes, and territories will show their names when clicked. States will show their names when rolled over, and more detailed information comes up when the state is clicked.
   Timeline Pointer and Events. The timeline pointer moves along the timeline as the movie progresses and the events change for successive periods. To select a period to look at, drag the pointer to the date and release. The movie should pop to the approximate date. Fine tune with the pointer to find the event wanted, e.g., Lousiana Territory. When PLAY is clicked, the movie will start from the beginning of the event selected. (If the movie hasn't completely loaded, the timeline only works to the last period loaded. Dragging the pointer further will still result in the last period loaded.)
   Expanded Timeline. When the mouse rolls over a decade in the timeline the decade will turn red. Click the decade to go to an expansion of the timeline at that date. (Netscape Navigator will only go the the beginning of the expanded timeline.) Drag the horizontal scroll button on the window to move along the expanded timeline. A number of parallel layors can be perused. Events in the expanded timeline, as well as events for successive periods in the movie (those that turn red when rolled over) can be clicked to go to detailed resources on these events, including primary sources and web sites, etc. To go back to the movie, click the close button on the expanded timeline browser window.