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    This is the support area for "Growth of a Nation enhanced," which is distributed on CD-ROM. In addition to the US History movie, which is available free on the Animated Atlas home page, the enhanced version has two additional layers of information.
  • For information about this version, which is for sale, go to the sales page. To order "Growth of a Nation enhanced," go to the order page.
  • If you have ordered this product and have not received it after seven days, or cannot launch it (it requires a launch code to open the first time), email us at feedback@animatedatlas.com.
  • The instructions provided in a printed form with the CD-ROM for the enhanced version are available here. They are also available by clicking "Help" on the Introduction window on the first frame of the US History layer of the movie itself. (Click REWIND to go to that frame.)
  • To view the initial use of the three layers of this program, go to a PREVIEW from 1789 to 1810.
  • Common problems and possible solutions are listed below. The most critical involves re-opening the program without re-entering the launch code in later Windows operating systems. This can usually be solved by changing the compatibility.
    The following describes the contents of successive versions. (The version number is located at the bottom of the CD-ROM.)
  • Version 1.0   Shipped from April 10, 2005. This initial version has the three layers of U.S. History, Population, and Timeline. The timeline has articles on the Presidents and Society bars.
  • Version 1.1   Shipped from April 23, 2007. Articles have been added on the Native American bar.
  • Version 1.2   Shipped from August 21, 2007. Native American tribal names (in yellow) can clicked to bring up a short history of the tribe. After the tribe becomes a reservation, drag out (hold button down and move) to bring up the tribal information.
        From February 21, 2011, the CD-ROM includes two Acrobat .pdf files which can print the American History Timeline available on this site and in the enhanced version on the CD-ROM.
  • Version 1.21   Shipped from April 6, 2011. The reliability of the launch code has been improved.
  • Version 1.3   Shipped from May 7, 2012. Population augmented with 2010 census data. Physical map can be emphasized. States information available on population layer. Narration movie simplified.
  • Version 1.4   Shipped from July 9, 2014. The Timeline has been updated to 2014. The structure has been changed to improve launch reliability.
   Population Layer.
   Pause doesn't work. Some frames take a while to render; during that time other instructions don't work. Hold the PAUSE button down until it changes, then then release.
   PLAYS very slowly. On older systems the amount of data displayed on the population layer can cause very slow playing. It can be speeded up by reducing the window size, or by reducing the QUALITY which is under VIEW in the Player menu.
   Help doesn't open. HELP (on the first frame of US History) calls up your default browser to display these instructions. You may have to click the HELP button again to get the instructions. They are also available under "Enhanced Support" at the top of www.animatedatlas.com.
   Using the launch code and other problems. Each time the program is launched on a different computer, the code is required. Thereafter it will open on that computer without the code.

   Windows Compatibility
   Vista/Windows 7.
   The launch code has to be re-entered on each use. The Vista and Windows 7 upgrades have major changes in the operating system for PCs. This has led to some problems with setting the launch code. Happily Microsoft provides a means to make these new versions compatible with earlier versions for individual applications.
   1.) The simplist fix is to make sure this application runs from the hard drive, and not the CD. If on the CD, place the entire PC folder on the hard drive.
   2.) To make the operating system compatible with this application, right-click the icon for the program, labeled "Growth" or "Growth.exe" in the PC folder. Choose "Properties" at the bottom of the context menu that opens. You should now be under the "General" tab. Go towards the bottom and click on the "Unblock" button, if ithere is one, and then click "OK." Now click the "Compatibility" tab. Check the checkbox for "Run this program in compatibility for:" and choose an earlier version of Windows, like Window XP or Windows 2000. Below that is the "Privilege Level." Make sure that the "Run this program as an Administrator" box is checked. Also check "Change settings for all users." Click OK at the bottom to save the changes.

   Windows 7 Compatibility Step-by-Step

Right-click the program icon and scroll down and click on "properties."

You should now be under the "General" tab. Go towards the bottom and click on the "unblock" button, and then click "OK."

After that, click on the "compatability" tab, and make sure that the "Run this program in Compatability mode for" box is checked. Then click on the drop-down, and select an earlier version of Windows. For this demonstration "Vista RTM" has been chosen, but for "Growth of a Nation enhanced" select "Windows XP" or Windows "2000." Go down and in the "Privilege Level" area, make sure that the "Run this program as an Administrator" box is checked. Also click "Change settings for all users." Finally click on the "OK" at the bottom.

This application will now run as if it were on the earlier version of the operating system. Unfortunately this fix may not work on some computers.

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