Web Sites


Historical Maps of the Americas: http://www.
These maps are provided by the Perry-Castaneda Library in the University of Texas. They are historical maps drawn in earlier periods, available online and mainly covering Central,and South America.

Texas Revolution

Alamo--Brief History:
This is a brief history of the Alamo and some of the people involved.
San Jacinto: http://www
This site has resources on the Texas Revolution.

The Mexican War

Companion to PBS documentary:
This site is the online companion for the PBS documentary "The U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848)," produced by the Dallas-Fort Worth station, KERA.
War from Mexican View:
This site presents the war from a slightly more Mexican view.


James K. Polk:
This site document's Polk's presidency and provides links to internet biographies and one primary source, his inaugural address.
Winfield Scott:
This site has a reasonably short biography of Scott.


Timeline of Mexican History:
This timeline has the history of Mexico from the earliest times to 2000. Mexican history is paralleled with world and U.S. history. It is an outline, with many people and events which link to short explanations.

Mexican War Gateways

Expansion west period:
This is a terrific gateway site into all of American history. This page has the expansion west. It is very clearly organized and easy to access material.