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Video Librarian Review

[3 1/2 stars] One of the most crucial topics in American history finally gets the attention it deserves in a concise video perfectly suited to classroom viewing: the dovetailed topics of the war with Mexico and the American settling of the West. Sympathetically portraying the Mexican view that the war was a great gringo land grab, despite the $35,000,000 paid by the U.S. government for the lands acquired by treaty, this entry in the Animated Atlas series also points out that the simmering resentment stemming from events in the 1840s and 1850s is still felt in Mexico today. As the title implies, the video is centered around maps with superimposed graphics which show territorial status and troop movements; it also includes a teacher's guide with suggestions for pre- and post-viewing activities, a biographical profile, vocabulary list, bibliography, and full transcript. Highly recommended. Aud: J,H,C. (R. Reagan)

March/April 2001, page 37