Brief Contents of Video

1789-1821: Review of early geographic growth of USA

1521: Flashback: Cortez conquers Tenochtitlan

1600-1800: Flashback: Spanish colonies in the southwest

1810-21: Latin American and Mexican independence

1821-35: Growth of Texas

1836: The Alamo and the Texas Revolution

1845: Polk and the expansion west

1845: Preparations for war with Mexico

1845: Dissident voices

1846: Acquisition of the Oregon Territory

1846: Kearny and the conquest of New Mexico

1847: Stockton and the conquest of California

1846: Zachary Taylor and the war in northern Mexico

1847: Winfield Scott and the conquest of Mexico City

1848: Geographic results of the Mexican War in the southwest

1848- : What happened to the major participants

1848- present: What happened to Mexico; present relations with the USA