The Early Colonies Animated Atlas: The Early Colonies. Strengthen your American history lessons with this exciting new look at the history and geography of the early colonies. While considering the turmoil taking place in Europe, the program explores why different groups made the dangerous trek to the New World, where they settled, and how their colonies sustained and grew. Outstanding animated maps ensure that students become better acquainted with the geography of early America, cultivating an essential connection between events and locations. The program also considers how natural landforms and bodies of water influenced where people settled and how these elements enhanced or hindered the success of the colonies and colonists. Sporting superb animation, age-appropriate information, and a wonderful blend of place and time, this program is sure to engage students and further their understanding of early America. Copyright 2003.
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"Through the use of color, various overlays, and easily recogized icons, the program creatively points out how a number of factors...combined to shape the initial development of the United States...A solid addition for a U.S. history unit on colonial America..." -Recommended
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"This informative video teaches students about the religious roots of the U.S. ...Animated maps of North America, South America, and Europe effectively illustrate and explain early development of the colonies and relationships between the countries."

"...this video provides a great deal of interesting information."
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Animated Atlas: The Early Colonies
live and animated 22 minutes grades 4 - college Teacher's Guide
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