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Animated Atlas portrays large chapters of American history quickly by animating maps and geographic features. For school, home and genealogy use.
Growth of a Nation

Growth of a Nation is a free, ten minute movie which depicts the geographic history of the United States from 1789. It is interactive with the timeline below.

  The AMERICAN HISTORY TIMELINE is available here or under Resources at the bottom of this page. Printable versions are on the CD-ROM for sale.

Our sales page describes CD-ROM resources for education and home use.
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  • Go to a preview trial run from 1789 to 1810.
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See a video version of Growth of a Nation on YouTube.
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Early Colonies
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World War I
A series of four videos have been produced using the approach seen in "Growth of a Nation." Geographic elements are the actors used to portray history on a large scale, and are thus made memorable. Click an image above for more information on that video. Each video description is followed by resources for that period of history. For purchase go to distributors.

Resources for All American History
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